La Piragua

On International Day of the Child, UNHCR released the short film “La Piragua” in collaboration with the National System of Youth and Children’s Orchestras (El Sistema)that comes to remind us of the many children that are affected by violence and conflict and that solidarity has no borders.

While the video narrates the story of a Colombian family that is forced to flee to Venezuela, it made me think of how many Venezuelan children and families have left their motherland and will never grow up there due to the difficult situation in the country. Venezuela is a refugee hosting country (more than 200,000 refugees to date) while at the same time, it has produced one of the top of nationalities seeking asylum in the US (#4 in 2012).

Today, when in the US we’re hoping to hear President Obama talk about how he’ll fix the immigration system to help the thousands of unaccompanied minors that have been seeking refuge here, let’s find perspective and try to walk on their shoes whether they are from Syria, Honduras, Congo, Colombia or Venezuela.

I hope to see the day when they don’t have to worry about these things and when we don’t have to fight for their rights. As Mafalda would say…. PAZ !!!!

Mafalda - paz


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