Last chapter “From Thailand”

On my last entry (“Enough?”),  I shared with you some reflections on our Cambodia field study. Since then, lots have happened leading to the closing of the Rotary World Peace Fellowship.

Graduation WPF Class 16

Class 16 of Rotary World Peace Fellows – Chulalongkorn University – Graduation ceremony

Indeed, the last month of the Fellowship was pretty packed, which -in retrospective- was not good for my blog, as I have left it unattended. Among many activities, it involved eleven different planes, dozens of hours in mini-vans and covered the following routes:

  • Bangkok – Phnom Pehn
  • Phnom Pehn – Pursat
  • Pursat – Siem Reap
  • Siem Reap – Bangkok
  • Bangkok – Mae Sot – Bangkok
  • Bangkok – Krabi – Bangkok
  • Bangkok – Taipei – Los Angeles

And just like that, three months went by. Sawadee ka to the Rotary Fellows, to the Peace Center, to Chula, to our host counselors, to CU House, Sky Train, Siam and so many more of my Bangkok companions. Thank you all for a wonderful, life changing experience!

And for the last Thailand Diaries post, I could not leave out the mandatory snorkeling picture, so during the last week in Thailand I got to explore part of the Southern beaches in very good company, as Freddy came to the rescue and helped me on the pilgrimage back to the US.


PitxisExploring Ko Phi PhiSnorkel in Ko Phi Phi

Today I am writing from the city of angels, almost two months since landing. I had anticipated the reintegration process to be challenging, especially the traffic situation here and having to drive to and from work every day. It has been something else. Above all, I feel blessed to have had this opportunity of seeing a new continent, meeting new people and living in a foreign country while learning something new every day. I have returned to my old routines, flavors and dynamics. I have met with friends, celebrated life and exchanged stories. I am ready for the next challenge!

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