Individual Conflict Analysis – Presentations

Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, January 10, 2014

Somehow, after a long day of presentations, I’m not tired. I’m excited to know that all my peers will be researching and analyzing very interesting topics and that we’ll be learning together. What an amazing group of practitioners! Today, we were joined by one of the lecturers, Michael, who happens to live in San Diego and who is also friends with my Rotary home counselor Manisha and who happened to have visited my lovely hometown before coming to BKK. Yes, I miss Pasadena!

It’s Friday, 2 PM, my turn to present to the group, so I had to use my classic secret weapon:  stretch and wake up! It went better than I though, given that it’s a topic that I’m still not very familiar with: Central African Republic, but which I will be immersed in it for the next 12 weeks. After class, some of us ventured out of campus, trying to get some air.  On the way to the BTS we came across a protest and one of the fellows fell ill.

In 15 minutes, we went from 10 to 9 as one of the fellows fell ill. Our deputy director Martine came to the rescue -not knowing- and took her back to the dorms. For our Friday night outing, there were various options of where we’d be going and we ended up at some random night market with an Irish pub in the middle of some sketchy part of town. Some of us refused to stay there and started walking -hope no feelings were hurt. This neighborhood was full of darkness and what looked like trashy tourists -sadly. Still, I know that this was not one of the ugly ones. After going up and down streets, we ended up by a great 3-story building with amazing seafood (Somboon Seafood). We tried and loved their specialty: fried curry crab. No pictures, sorry!

To wrap up the day, we walked back to the CU International House, crossing town and campus at night, which was quite phenomenal -as we didn’t get lost! Tomorrow: starting the week with a group run.

Things to remember: LaMonte’s presentation and his phrase: “The uniform is my career, but doesn’t define me as a human being”. Ipek giving all of us a lovely bracelet with Kurdistan’s beads. And lastly: the protest of white shirts saying “Respect My Vote” and people singing with candles in their hands.

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