First Long Run in Bangkok

Saturday morning…missing my irreplaceable morning run with the Pasadena Pacers so I decided to go for a long run to Lumpini Park, the Central Park of Bangkok. Thanks to Khun Jun for the recommendation! It was GREAT! There was some sort of 5K going on, since I saw a group of runners with bibs. Here’s a picture of the victorious return to the University campus in this super humid weather…

Came back and headed out for breakfast, which it was not Europane as my normal Saturdays, but I did treat myself to a real Starbucks coffee and decided that could only do that once a month (100 Baht!). After that, I helped my friend LaMonte get some clothes and bargained prices for the first time -not sure yet if we got a good price but it seemed fair.

Back to the dorm to chill for a bit -tried to read- and headed out early to the soft opening of the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra at Mahidol University. Ipek’s counselor, President Santi drove us there -in heavy traffic, for 2 hours -so thankful for not being behind the wheel. She told us that the tickets were an invitation of the Argentinean Ambassador, whom we met. The program included some popular classics from Strauss, Rossini and Verdi and the audience was ecstatic. For the first time I saw a conductor direct 360º, as there were young musicians in the balcony who performed the opening with the Fanfare to Mahidol Suttakarn -a military march, of course. There were a couple of very well thought moments at the concert, such as special guests giving a gift to the young sopranos and tenors, and immediately after that, keeping them all in stage singing “Libiamo” from La Traviata all together. It was a nice evening, and good to hear the impressions from my other fellows who had not experienced this kind of concert before. On the drive back, Stephen’s co-counselor drove us back to Central Bangkok and I found out that during the last Fellowship session he was my friend Matthias’s counselor -what a coincidence!

After almost 2 hours to get back to central Bangkok we tried to go out for dinner but Sasa was closed so I ended up having a sandwich in my room for the first time, which was different. While I was getting ready to go to bed I got a call from Mezhghan, who’s in the hospital with baby Kivan. She told me not to worry, but that she would still meet us for the Rotary meeting in the morning. How scary this situation! I was glad that her counselor was taking care of her and to see that we’ve become community and that we check on each other.Run Pacer Run

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